About Us 

 What we are 


Verismo Cat is an organization that has been working with a lot of people and groups to take strays or cats that don’t have any owners. We are an organization that has been able to help and support not just cats but other animals as well. Our group is dedicated and is determined to continue being the organization that we are since we first started. 


When we started 


Our organization has been here for 10 years and is still working to keep cats and create a place for them. Five years ago, Verismo Cat decided to put up a website and make the cats available for adoptions. Since then, the organization has welcomed people who are interested in having their own pets and supporting more animals. 


How we started 


10 years ago, the people of Verismo Cat only started as a group of friends who are very fond of animals. They have different interests when it comes to what kind of pets to have but still, they are united when it comes to every animal. One loves dogs and puppies while there are some who prefer cats more. Thinking about these animals they love, they started to have the idea and thoughts of creating a pet shop but eventually, their plans became bigger than the original one. In no time, they all agreed to create their own organization and put up a website and adoption after a few years. More people became interested in joining and supporting their organization and at that time, it became easier for them to continue their original purpose of being Verismo Cat.  


What we do 


What we do is keep these cats safe, give them a home, and let people adopt them. We intend to create a place for these cats while letting people take care of them as well by adopting and supporting the organization.