1. Hello, I am very interested in adopting a cat from your organization. However, I am curious about one thing. Is the adoption for free or we have to buy the pets just like in a pet shop?


  1. Hi, thank you so much for sending us a message and for the interest of adopting a pet from our organization. If you’d like to adopt one, you don’t need to think about paying for the pet. It’s completely free since most of them are taken as strays and just waiting for an owner without the necessity of buying. We hope you will find your pet here in Verismo Cat.


  1. Hi! Is your organization up for new memberships and people? If yes, how can I join or apply for membership?


  1. Hello, thank you for sending us your message. Yes, our organization welcomes new people for memberships. If you are interested in joining and helping our group, you may just message us again for further questions and information. If you already know everything about it, just click the‘membership’tab located on this website as well and follow the instructions given and fill out the forms.  


  1. Is it also possible to bring a stray cat to your organization that I just found?


  1. Hello! Thank you so much for the interesting question you sent us. Yes, we welcome any people and new cats given to us so we could keep them and give themahome. 


  1. Does Verismo Cat has any other website or group that is open to other pet adoptions besides from cats?


  1. Hi, thank you for sending us your question! Yes, we have other websites for other pet adoptions. If you are interested to check them out, please go to the‘Verismo’tab found on this site and visit the links given there.