Kathleen V. 


Verismo Cat is indeed the best organization for cat adoptions. I’ve been so tempted to have my own cats for months yet I have no idea where to find the perfect pets for me. I was too busy these past few months that I have no time to visit pet shops. However, while searching for the breeds that I like, I found the Verismo Cat website and saw various types of cats they put up for adoption. It was so fun to check them out online and read a lot about them. After a while, I got a day off and I took that as an opportunity to visit the organization and see the cats personally. I got my own cat that day as well and I’m more than happy with it. 


Elaine D. 


Same, Kathleen! I was actually not interested in cats since I find them a bit scary for my liking. However, my friend insisted that I should at least learn more about them and so I did research about cats. It was because I wanted to have my own pet yet I have no idea what animal to adopt. When I saw the website of Verismo Cat, I was able to learn more about them and gather information about cats. Eventually, we visited the organization and tried interacting with the people there and with the pets as well. I never got the chance to adopt immediately but I became more interested in them unlike before. For now, I think I will think about what breed to adopt before taking one. 


Megan S. 


Hello, guys! It’s so good to know that you are happy about Verismo Cat. I have been always interested in joining groups and programs for pets and cats. When I found out about the Verismo Cat, I did not hesitate to join them! It was really fun to be a part of the group and take care of a lot of cats.